2013 Flirt Events

We are excited to offer multiple opportunities worldwide for models and studios to connect with us this year. One of our favorite things to do is get to know the people on our network face to face. Our past events and meetups have been a great way to get feedback and give you personalized feedback on what working with us is all about. We love getting the chance to learn about how to keep making the site the best place to broadcast, and how to help you succeed online.

These events are all about connecting one on one, and having a great time together!

If you are a model or studio who is interested in working with us and want to learn more about attending one of our events, please DM (Direct Message) us on Twitter to find out how to get involved.

Twitter @Flirt4Free

We can't wait to meet you!

Past Model Events

One of the major differences about our network over others, is our dedication to our models and studios. We believe in the value of one-on-one interactions, and the invaluable insight gained from getting to really know our broadcasters.

At our events in the past we've been able to host parties in different cities across the globe, and at our latest, seminars run by our staff on top of the usual networking and social events.

Flirt Summit 2011 Photos

Here's what some of our top performers and studios had to say about their experiences at our Summer Summit:

"My fans treat me very well. That being said, the people at VS made me feel spoiled. Now I am happy and have actually convinced myself that I've reached a certain level of success. This mindset serves to provide me with motivation to work harder as a cam model. In the end it was a very smart business move on VS's part."

- Jake Trenton

"I had so much fun hanging out with the VS staff and models. Coolest/nicest group of people ever! It was so nice to meet all of you. I don't know of any other company that would go to these lengths for their models. It's cool to work for such an awesome company Thanks again for everything!!"

- Madison Moore

"The 2011 Summit was an amazing opportunity to put the names to faces of so many people who have and continue to educate us and support our efforts. We were incredibly pleased that each person we met from VS Media were exactly the people they portray themselves to be via email and instant messaging - social, helpful, and enjoyable.

During the Summit, VS Media proved their commitment to technological innovation, marketing strategies, and dedicated support, allowing us to focus on growth in our market segment. Conferences such as the 2011 Summit enhance, motivate, and energize the key components of success... our people.

As the Summit came to a close, we were all the more confident that our plans for 2012 will become reality. We did our homework, and it's an awesome feeling to know that partnering with VS Media was definitely the right choice."

- Large Colombian Broadcaster