Webcam Lighting Setup Guide

Having decent lighting will help keep customers in your room and lead to potential paid shows. No one want to pay for a show in a room where they can barely see anything. Having great lighting can mean the difference between a quick paid show and a sizzling hour long one! Investing a little time and or money into your lighting setup can definitely pay off for you in the end.

Below you will find some information that you may find handy in improving your lighting including where to purchase some inexpensive light kits and equipment as well as some basic information on 3 point lighting.

Warning: Some lights can get very hot and you must be careful to avoid fires. Always turn lights off when not in use and follow the manufacturers instructions for proper safety precautions.

3 Point Lighting Diagram

Note: This setup can be reversed left to right. You may also find moving the
Back Light to the opposite side or even center can yield good results.

As an alternate for using diffusers, ointing your lights towards a white wall (or the ceiling in the case of your back light) can help diffuse the light giving you softer shadows.

Key Light

  • Primary light source
  • 45 degree angle from camera
  • Brightest of the 3 lights

Fill Light

  • Secondary light source
  • 50-75% less power than the Key Light
  • If lights are all same power, use diffusion paper

Back Light

  • Separates background from subject
  • May also go opposite the Key Light or centered
  • Diffusion must be used
  • Lowest intensity of the 3 lights
  • Placed above and out of frame


  • Should usually be placed about eye level

If you are just getting started and can't afford a lighting kit you can just pick up some clamp on work lights, some light bulbs (One 100w (key), one 50w (fill) and one 20w (back) and some diffusion paper (or try soft lights even) and some clamps. Just taking those simple steps will still make a huge difference from your ambient room lighting.

Lighting Kit Recommendations

Below are some fairly inexpensive lighting kits that you may find useful.

2275 Watt Lighting Kit (Under $250)

Clamp on Work Lights

Some inexpensive lighting options


Some inexpensive ways to start diffusing your light sources if you do not plan on purchasing a full lighting kit.

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